Homeless/Addictions Programs

Rak Teh

Bangkok, Thailand

Serving and Loving our neighbors in the way of Jesus on the streets of old Bangkok.

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The Shelter

Bangkok, Thailand

The Shelter is a live-in facility for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

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Penang, Malaysia

Kawan is a drop-in Centre situated at 37 Love Lane, in Georgetown, Penang. It was founded to address the pressing needs of the street based drug user community. Not only does it cater to their physical needs, Kawan is committed to providing information, education and care services relating to HIV/AIDS

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Homeless Ministry

San Francisco 

Drug addiction, alcoholism, and prostitution can all be found among the people living on the streets, but you can also find a strong sense of community unlike any other. Many of the homeless in the community are addicted to drugs, but often times that is not the reason why they became homeless. For each person the story is different, and for each person it's a story worth listening to.

We open our doors from 9:30-4:30 every weekday, as a drop-in-center where people can read, play games, get something to drink, or just sit and relax. We also offer prayer and a database of resources to aid those who are in difficult circumstances, whether they need housing, clothes, medical attention, food or various other basic necessities. We also distribute socks, basic toiletries and clothes to those in need.

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