News from Cambodia

Literacy amongst the Kravet -- in Stung Treng Province -- YWAM Cambodia is providing key connections from adult literacy facilitators for the Kravet people. This is a remote group that is only accessible during the dry season. People who have the skills and resources are able to transfer those to this little known people group in Cambodia. 

Malaria Incidence is down in Siempang District -- YWAM Cambodia's malaria program and providing dipped mosquito nets for every family are seeing great results in Siempang district in Stung Treng Province. This has been historically a high place of malaria in the country and thus there were many deaths caused by malaria but YWAM Cambodia's anti-malarial program is showing high impact with only half the level of incidents as in the rest of the Stung Treng province. 

Maternal Deaths are down as training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) goes up -- In 2009 - the maternal death rates are half the national maternal death rates in remote regions where YWAM Cambodia trains TBAs. To date, more than 500 TBAs have been trained by YWAM in Stung Treng province that is providing significant impact on the well being of mothers and families. Due to the remoteness and poverty of Siempang, this should be higher than the national rate, so this good news indeed. 

Annual Conference -- This is the time of the annual conference in Stung Treng where local and regional speakers come and give input which is so encouraging. Several hundred people are able to attend meetings where they are taught on literacy, small group interaction, raising of fish, eel and frogs and having more protein in their diet as well as some integrated farming. As these are people from remote areas of the northeast of Cambodia -- this is one of the only times of the year for them to meet all together.

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