Churches around the world call for an end to modern-day slavery

When Harriet Tubman waged her historic fight against slavery in America, she relied on churches along the Underground Railroad to provide safe haven for escapees. Now, faith-based communities are once again acting to end slavery – creating a network of abolitionist churches across the globe.

On March 13th, the first day of the Christian Lenten season, thousands of churches spanning five continents will unite in their dedication to fight the modern trade in human beings. Through worship, fasting and prayer, Freedom Sunday will rally people of faith to join an international movement confronting human trafficking.

Freedom Sunday is the brainchild of the San Francisco-based non-profit, Not For Sale (NFS). Focused on more than 30 million people around the globe who live in bondage and forced labor, NFS equips and mobilizes activists to fight modern slavery in their own neighborhoods and internationally....

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