Catastrophe in Pakistan prompts an immediate Emergency YWAM Relief Response

The monsoon rains are causing the worst flooding in Pakistan since 1929 and extremist groups are making the most of it, delivering food aid where the government and army are nowhere to be seen.

We want to be there for the people too. Help us to help them.

We especially want to reach out to the poorest most marginalised groups affected by the floods,

Last time there was a flood in Sindh we were there, mobilising our trusted Rapid Response Teams - getting food and supplies to people neglected by agencies of any kind.

Now the Government is specifically appealing to us to do it again. They know we can be trusted to deliver. It is vital we are able to respond to this call.

We want to help people in everyway we can. NOW.

Not only are our volunteers ready, but so are the students in our current training programme in Pakistan. They will interrupt their course to join our


But we need your help!

We have manpower and know how, but the funds are with you! Let us work together.

The disaster is already on a scale beyond imagination and it is getting worse.

Please give generously, we will work hard, aiming to deliver your aid to needy people soon after we receive your gift.

For more information on how to give, please visit the YWAM Relief website.

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