Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Success Through Collaboration

Yesterday was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and I was fortunate to spend my day surrounded by professionals committed to ending slavery! 

The Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Office for Victims of Crime, who fund forty anti-trafficking task forces throughout the United States and Saipan, in 2009 developed a plan to conduct regional training forums to bring together task force…

Catastrophe in Pakistan prompts an immediate Emergency YWAM Relief Response

The monsoon rains are causing the worst flooding in Pakistan since 1929 and extremist groups are making the most of it, delivering food aid where the government and army are nowhere to be seen.

We want to be there for the people too. Help us to help them.

We especially want to reach out to the poorest most marginalised groups affected by the floods,

Last time there was a…

Disappointed by Hope: Migrants and Refugees in Search of A Better Country

About the book:

At least 1 in every 4 workers in Malaysia is a foreigner.  Migrants have become an essential part of the country’s economic growth and productivity.  Malaysia is also a country of refuge for tribes and nations from all over the world. However, despite their longing for a better country, migrant workers and refugees have not found an easy life. Malaysia’s…

News from Cambodia

Literacy amongst the Kravet -- in Stung Treng Province -- YWAM Cambodia is providing key connections from adult literacy facilitators for the Kravet people. This is a remote group that is only accessible during the dry season. People who have the skills and resources are able to transfer those to this little known people group in Cambodia. 

Malaria Incidence is down…

Welcome To The Trash

Last year, my friends and I were travelling to the capital city of Addis Ababa after our outreach to the Karo people in the south of Ethiopia.The drive north had taken three days and we were finally back in an urban setting.As we drove into the city, we noticed on the left-hand side of the road a huge garbage dump shrouded by the fumes of smouldering fires.An unbearable smell assaulted us and between…

The Forgotten Killer

Poor water, sanitation and hygiene is the world's forgotten issue. It is the second biggest killer of children, taking the lives of 5,000 across the globe each day. At any given time, almost half the populations of the developing world suffer from diseases associated with inadequate water and sanitation. One in every two girls who drop out of primary school in Africa do so because they must walk…

"Crawl Across The Floor!"

by John Bills

I was led down a rugged pathway by our friend Ana and her outreach team in Ethiopia.  

It was hot and I was tired by the time we were ushered into a small 8’ by 8’ room where we were greeted by two men.  One of these men was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of AIDS.  The other was a young man who was blind in one eye because of a cyst…

Connecting for the Commission

Over 600 YWAMers recently participated in the Call 2 All event in Hong Kong. YWAM’s Mercy Ministries Director, Steve Goode, was there and he shares this report.  For more information about Call 2 All please visit :  Editor

On the first morning, I went early to the hall in the Asian Expo centre,…

YWAM Child Protection Policy revised

The YWAM Child Protection Policy guidelines have been revised. The most current copy of the YWAM Child Protection Policy can be found in the YWAM Mercy documents section.

Pastor Roc serving those with HIV and AIDS

Reported by John Bills

While in Jinja, I was invited to visit an AIDS clinic out in a remote village. I was greeted by Pastor ROC a Ugandan with a huge heart for those suffering from AIDS. We traveled a very long distance packed beyond description in a public transport mini van. Read more | Jun 25, 2008