Mercy Ministries Tamatave 

Mercy Ministries Tamatave began it’s work in 2004 with the vision of bringing God’s answers to both physical and spiritual needs of the people, relying on God to bring transformation to the most remote bush communities of the island.

Mercy Ministries MadagascarIn accomplishing its vision, Mercy Ministries Madagascar uses healthcare community projects. The projects are aimed at helping local village communities to establish their own small medical clinics in the remote rural areas around Tamatave (east coast of Madagascar) that have virtually no access to immediate medical aid. 

Projects involve training local professional medical staff, developing local healthcare committees, assisting the local community with the construction of the clinics. These clinics are designed to be self-sustainable by local communities; today they are reaching the needs of the people in almost 20 communities (around 150 small villages in the bush of Madagascar)... and that is only the beginning... 

Current Projects

As of January 2008, 5 more clinics are under construction, 15 are already functioning, and 3 more projects has been requested by local communities and are planned (by God’s grace and support) to be realized in 2008.

Mercy Ministries provides continuous training follow-up for the clinics’ staff, as well as provides monthly doctors’ visits to each of the functioning dispensers, to see the patients and to consult clinic staff in case of any questions and/or complicated medical cases. 


Can you imagine you would need to walk for 2 days to get to the nearest hospital? Some people do…

Madagascar8.55 am Tuesday morning at request of local community we arrived to the area hospital to meet with the representatives of Nitanonoka village, one of the many Madagascar bush villages in the region, to discuss Mercy Ministries project. Around 12 people already sat in one line on the porch of the hospital waiting for us. “Wow, this group came on time”, we were impressed and, frankly speaking, a bit surprised. After the salutation, our causal question of, “so when did you arrive?” got an overwhelming answer, “yesterday about 4 in the afternoon” “Yesterday?! So when did you leave?” – “This Sunday, we left in the morning”… 

These people traveled by foot 107km… just to get to the nearest hospital. The need is obvious. They spent in total 4 days traveling by foot. They have no other option for a better solution for their families and their communities. Talk about being motivated and excited to seek God’s best for them in every area of their lives…! If your heart is burning for this need – contact us to join Mercy Ministry long-term team.


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Full-time medical and administrative staff (minimum commitment 1 year) is very much needed!

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