The Story God is Telling


Author: John Eldredge
Review By: G. Stephen Goode

Epic starts off with a quote from G. K Chesterton, “ I had always felt life first as a story — and if there is a story there is a storyteller.” 

John Eldredge knows how to speak to us about life, about the larger story, how we have lost our way and how we can find ourselves again. He speaks through four acts, a prologue and an epilogue. Simple yet powerful. 

I found myself throughout this book of less than 100 pages asking myself about my role in this story, where I had come from, where was I presently and where was I headed? Stories are like that and each of us have a story to tell. We also want to know how we fit into the larger story of 6.6 billion people. What is our role to play? What is our contribution to make in this larger story? Do you know? What is your story? This little book is for you.

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