A Deadly Misunderstanding

A Deadly Misunderstanding

Author: Mark D. Siljander
Review By: G. Stephen Goode

This is fascinating reading for all who are concerned about the world of Islam, Christianity, exploring ancient texts and how a bridge between people of faith is already occurring. It is an incredible journey of a politician, a man of faith facing his own questions, assumptions, prejudices regarding Islam and Christianity that have led him into the most unbelievable situations and circumstances.

A friend of mine in Washington recommended this book to me as a must read. I have to say that I do not think that I have read a more important book in the last few years that has serious implications for all peoples of faith, government and civil servants and diplomats. This book is about "a deadly misunderstanding dividing our world today that need not do so tomorrow." It is about common ground that we all share that will be key to our future of living together.

This is story of a passionate, Republican who's words almost got him killed. He tracks his time in Congress with what was happening in the world, particularly in the Islamic world and how this world and his world would more and more intertwine. He develops personal relationships with key Islamic and government leaders as well as Islamic friends which affects the way he looks at the world. It is also a book of humility as Congressman Siljander journeys back into his culture, his religious views, his upbringing and recognizes his worldview has been too narrow.

He starts looking at and studying the life of Jesus, particularly in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. He found some startling discoveries.

"A Deadly Misunderstanding" shows that if our diplomacy, our communication and our policies from the western world governments are not significantly altered, a minority of radical Islamist are going to increase in strength and the war on terror will continue to spread like wildfire. This book is the first book in a long time that comes up with some potential solutions regarding this bridge between people of faith that has given me hope. You will see diplomacy and things taking place behind the scenes that will be an encouragement to you. I agree. This is a must-read book.

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