Book Reviews

Review of Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me

The front cover says, “ a modern day slave, an international art dealer, and the unlikely woman who bound them together. “

This is a powerful, fascinating story that covers the early 1950’s to mid 2000 in Louisiana and Texas about a black, sharecropper (who was really a virtual slave) who…

Review of Satan and the Problem of Evil

Satan and the Problem of Evil

This is a book that requires a lot of thinking and reflection. It was helpful to have a dictionary close at hand. Dr. Boyd continues on from “God at War” but takes a closer look at the classical positions and what it means for God to be “in control”, freedom and the origin of evil, risk and the sovereignty…

Review of Too Small to Ignore

Too Small to Ignore

This is a book by the President of Compassion International on the importance and priority of children. By the way all royalties from the sale of this book go to Compassion's program to serve poor children around the world.

Dr. Wesley Stafford looks at the plight of poor children through his…

Review of Epic


Epic starts off with a quote from G. K Chesterton, “ I had always felt life first as a story — and if there is a story there is a storyteller.” 

John Eldredge knows how to speak to us about life, about the larger story, how we have lost our way and how we can find ourselves again. He speaks…

Review of The Jesus Creed

The Jesus Creed

From the Preface :
“A Jewish expert on the law once asked Jesus what was the most important thing for spiritual formation. Jesus’ answer turned history upside down for those who followed him. This book is an invitation for you to explore Jesus’ answer to that man. I call it the Jesus Creed, and…

Review of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

I write this summary from Kabul as I have been coming to Afghanistan since 1984 for holistic development work through our partners. The sounds of the call to prayer from the mosque outside my window and controlled explosions of mines and bombs, the sites of battle and the rebuilding, the fresh smells…

Review of Joy at Work

Joy at Work

This is an incredible story of leadership and how values shape an organization, business, school, church, mission or government. This book will help people who want to know how decentralized organizations like YWAM are successful and why young people are so attracted.  Dennis is a Christian with a…