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Review of Simply Christian

Simply Christian

N.T. Wright, ie. Bishop Tom has been compared to C.S. Lewis. He is simple yet profound. He will have things to say that you have not thought about. He will make you think about yourself, what is number one in your life and why the important things are the important things. I guess you could say that…

Review of The Language of God

The Language of God

I heard Dr. Collins speak at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. and I was fascinated by his humility, his distinguished scientific and medical background as well as his spiritual journey from being an atheist to an agnostic to a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. He heads up…

Review of Evil and the Justice of God

Evil and the Justice of God

This book is taken from 5 lectures given by N.T. Wright between 2003-2005 as he looks at the issues of evil and what it looks like in our world today.

Bishop Tom Wright basically reminds us that evil is not something that we are going to “solve” in this world but how do we as people of…

Review of Not For Sale

Not For Sale

I have been working in Relief and Development for 26 years in Asia, particularly in war zones, refugee situations natural disasters, civil unrest and major social issues like trafficking. David Batstone gives a terrible, graphic picture of slavery in the 21st century from just about every continent.…

Review of The Starfish and the Spider

The Starfish and the Spider

If you want to know about YWAM, read this book.

This book is an excellent story about centralized, decentralized and hybrid organizations. If you want to kill a spider, cut off its head. You cannot cut off the head of a starfish as it does not have one. If cut off the leg of an starfish, it…

Review of Everything Must Change

Everything Must Change

Two underlying questions are the reason for this book by Brian McLaren.
1. What are the world’s top problems today and 2. What do the life and message of Jesus have to say about these issues? This is a continuation of Brian’s previous book, “The Secret Message…

Review of God at War

God at War

Since working in the aftermath of the Tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand and with those affected by the earthquake in Pakistan, I have been grappling again with issues such as prayer, suffering, warfare, the destructiveness of creation and the problem of evil. Greg Boyd helped me deeply with his short…

Review of The History of Prayer in America

The History of Prayer in America

Friends in the Swiss government gave me this important review of American history and the foundational role that prayer has played in shaping and forming us as a people as well as the government of the United States of America. 

James P. Moore Jr. has done an incredible job of writing this…

Review of Prayer – Does it make any difference?

Prayer – Does it make any difference?

Philip Yancey has been a mentor to me through his books. This is a book that encourages us to pray and does not skirt the thorny issues as to why we do not. He draws insight from many different perspectives and many different ways to pray such as a Franciscan Benediction;

May God bless…

Review of The Other Side of the Sky

The Other Side of the Sky

I got Farad's book because we have been working in relief and development in Afganistan since 1984. It is a well narrated book, an uplifting account the suffering of a child and of people who come into our lives and believe in us, love us and walk with us through the difficulties of life in Afghanistan,…