Book Reviews

Review of Surprised by Hope

Surprised by Hope

I grabbed this book as I was heading for another country recently for a funeral.  I saw that it was related to death, heaven, the resurrection and hope.  It had been referred by several people to me but was I in for an unexpected read and another great one by N.T. Wright, the Bishop of Durham. 


Review of The Great Emergence

The Great Emergence

Phyllis Tickle is one of the spokespersons and historians for the Emerging/Emergent Church. Her premise in "the Great Emergence" is that there are major changes in Christendom that happen every 500 years and  she takes the reader through those past events and brings us to the changes that are occurring…

Review of Two Billion Cars

Two Billion Cars

I live in Asia and particularly in Bangkok, a city that has struggled with traffic since I arrived in 1980. The Thai Government  has limited the number of cars being purchased through a luxury tax of 100-400%. Even at that, we have spent the equivalent of 11 years in traffic in this incredible city.…

Review of No Future without Forgiveness

No Future without Forgiveness

South Africa is such an incredible country, a beautiful country and beautiful peoples meant to be a blessing to all of its people, to the continent of Africa and to the world. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has written a remarkable story of the impact of apartheid upon its people.  Nelson Mandela wrote on…

Review of Embracing Grace

Embracing Grace

I purchased Scot Mcknight's book, "Embracing Grace - A Gospel for All of Us" because I read, "the Jesus Creed" about loving God and loving your neighbor. What does Loving God with all of your strength look like and what does Good News look like to your neighbor?..... "Embracing…

Review of A Thousand Hills

A Thousand Hills

This is an awful and a beautiful story of Rwanda, pre and post-genocide, a gripping story like you have never read before. It is a  book about a country that was forgotten and how in this globalized world,  that is not possible to do anymore without grave consequences. It is also an important story…

Review of A Deadly Misunderstanding

A Deadly Misunderstanding

This is fascinating reading for all who are concerned about the world of Islam, Christianity, exploring ancient texts and how a bridge between people of faith is already occurring. It is an incredible journey of a politician, a man of faith facing his own questions, assumptions, prejudices regarding…

Review of Finding Our Way Again

Finding Our Way Again

This is the first book in the Ancient Practice Series and by 2010, different authors will write books that cover Prayer, Sabbath, Fasting, The Sacred Meal, The Pilgrimmage, The Liturgical Year and Tithing.

This book is about the rediscovery of Christianity as a way of life and not just…

Review of David Bussau: Facing the World Head-on

David Bussau: Facing the World Head-on

A wonderful, continuation of inspiring, life-changing stories from the series Christian Heroes: then and now. 

Janet and Geoff Benge have captured, in an easy to read - keep turning the pages book - the heart of the David and Carol Bussau family and their contribution to the globally poor…

Review of The Jesus Sutras

The Jesus Sutras

From the book cover, “In 1907, explorers discovered a vast treasure trove of ancient scrolls, silk paintings, and artifacts dating from the fifth to eleventh centuries A.D. In a long-sealed cave in a remote area of China. Among them, written in Chinese, were scrolls that recounted a history of Jesus’…