Call2Compassion and Justice Conference

Durban, South Africa. 11th - 15th May 2015.

Join us at Call2Compassion and Justice, Durban. Hear what God is doing in southern Africa over five jam-packed days of teaching, worship and workshops. You’ll get to explore models of community empowerment presented by mature and inspirational ministries.

Whether you’re already working with churches and ministries reaching out to the poor, or just sensing God’s call to begin such work, we invite you to join us.

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By YWAM Mercy

Seeking to fulfil the Great Commission

Thanks for your heart of compassion, justice and self-sacrificing love like that of our model, Jesus Christ.

Call2All is about fulfilling the Great Commission, through the Great Commandment and the Discipling of Nations through every sector of society in our generation. Call2All is about collaboration and partnership, it is about servanthood, it is about an intentional focus upon those who have yet to taste and see the goodness of God once in their lives. Most of these would be unreached, the poorest, the ones living in the most challenging places on earth.

Call2All is about looking at models and examples that are working like the city of Mumbai, India. There are several thousand churches that are reaching out to their neighbor, engaging with the major themes of the city like human trafficking, children at risk, housing and economic development through integral mission. There is much to be learned from our brothers and sisters in Mumbai as we convene in city of global influence.

There are also wonderful models of self-sacrificing love from around the world that will also be reflected upon to see how we can grow and multiply in our combined efforts. We sense that the Holy Spirit is already doing many things in Mumbai and that these are going to be days where God meets with us in a variety of practical ways. Come, bring your gifts, your skills and those things God has placed upon your heart to impart.  We really want to focus upon Jesus and how he engaged with the poor, needy, outcasts of his day through a new model of love and compassion.

Thanks for registering as it will a limited group of people.

My name is Steve Goode, Ambassador for YWAM Mercy, Compassion and Justice living in Bangkok, Thailand as well as on the steering group for Call2All. I have never been more encouraged that the Great Commission through the Great Commandment and the Discipling of Nations can be completed in our lifetime. Come and join us in the historic event.

God bless, 

By YWAM Mercy

Call2Compassion and Justice

My name is David Westlake, and for as long as I can remember I have been gripped by the vision of mission and inspired by people who were passionate about the last, the least and the lost.  My passion, which I share with the Global Compassion Network, is to inspire and equip Christians and churches  to serve their communities with word and deed in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

We believe God has sent churches,  “To proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor,”  (Luke 4:18-19); that God’s mission involves proclamation, intercession, worship and demonstration, and we believe that this can transform people’s lives, and the world around them. 

18 months ago a small group came together and  shared vision that we had to go to a place where the church was living out this mission and to learn from it: we wanted to go to Mumbai.   In this city churches are doing amazing work sharing God’s love for the least, the last, and the lost.  I’ve visited a number of times, and I am also moved and inspired by what the Christians there are doing, and am challenged to follow their example in my own home town. 

My prayer for the Call2Compassion and Justice is that you will also be inspired by the work that you will see and hear about in Mumbai, that you’ll want to go back to your communities and follow the example of these churches, and that you’ll go home equipped to do so by the workshops that will take place during the conference. 

Please, join us in Mumbai - and encourage others to come with you on the journey. 

God bless, 


By YWAM Mercy

Call2Compassion and Justice Registration Open

Register for the Call2Compassion and Justice 

Call2Compassion and Justice is a five-day conference in Mumbai from 4-8 November 2013, which has at its core the connection between the Great Commission and the Great Command to love one another that is at the heart of compassion and the pursuit of justice.

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By YWAM Mercy

Connecting for the Commission

Over 600 YWAMers recently participated in the Call 2 All event in Hong Kong. YWAM’s Mercy Ministries Director, Steve Goode, was there and he shares this report.  For more information about Call 2 All please visit :  Editor

On the first morning, I went early to the hall in the Asian Expo centre, 10 minutes from the new Hong Kong airport, to see where we were meeting. The hall was set up with four huge screens and hundreds of round tables. Over 3000 participants from 100 countries were attending during the day, and the evening meetings swelled to over 5000 participants. There was a section that was already filled with people so I walked over there. It was the Chinese delegation already reading their material in Mandarin, some were praying and I was overwhelmed. 

I went from table to table welcoming them to Call2All and saying thank you for coming. I could not hold back the tears as I shook hands with the next generation of missionaries! They came from the poor places of Inner Mongolia. They came from the boomtowns of the coastlands and they had one thing in common…they were hungry to be met by God. They were the first to arrive and the last to leave in the evening. They wanted to be prayed for and they were so ready to pray for others. 

The day before at the Global Day of Prayer, participants honored the 9 generations of the missionary family of Hudson Taylor for his impact in China. Repentance was a theme throughout the Congress – Hong Kong Chinese and asking forgiveness of their mainland Chinese family, British business people repenting to the Chinese for the Opium Wars and unrighteous trade. 

One of the main things that I was doing behind the scenes was helping to launch the Global Compassion Network as well as connecting with the Call 2 All Business Network.  The Global Compassion executive team met daily – a group that represent hundreds of organizations serving God amongst the poor.  Connecting with people, organizations, missions and businesses was indeed fruitful and will continue with new e-forums and groups that are preparing implementation plans toward fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. 

Another implication for YWAM is related to our work in opposing human trafficking and slavery issues. Several YWAM leaders from Mercy Ministries, the DTS Center, Nations2Nations, and Media Village met with David Batstone of Not For Sale (check out and ) to see how we as a Mission could have better impact with this critical global issue. 

This was a historic gathering – God is indeed up to something in our midst that will help YWAM play our part in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in this generation.

By YWAM Mercy
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