ECHO Agricultural Conference

The 2nd ECHO Agricultural Conference will be held at the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand fromSeptember 21-25, 2009. Geared towards enabling persons serving Asia’s poor to network solutions related to alleviating hunger and poverty, this ECHO conference will offer:

  • Three mornings of plenary sessions featuring knowledgeable and experienced speakers. Slated speakers include Dr. Norman Uphoff (researcher and advocate of SRI rice production worldwide), Salinee Tavarana (director of the Border Green Energy Teamthat provides hands-on appropriate technology training and financial support to village innovators in ethnic minority areas on both sides of the Thai/Burma border) as well as Jon Jandai and Peggy Reents (founders of Pun Pun, organic farm,

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Invitation to the Asia Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking

The next Asian Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking is on the 19-20 July 2012 in Manila, Philippines.

Find out more details at:

By YWAM Mercy

YWAM Cambodia impacting lives

YWAM Cambodia is having an impact upon mothers and children in one of the poorest northeast regions. Just a few years ago the province of Stung Treng, Cambodia had a high mortality rate for children under five years of age from six preventable diseases. Also deaths from pre/post natal care was high.

While attending a Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) training session in Stung Treng in 2007 – the TBA’s from 40 villages were asked, “How many mothers or babies died in their villages in the first six months of 2007” ?  After animated discussion, they reported, “None! “

Steve Goode

See the website of UNICEF -

By YWAM Mercy

Asia Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking

You're invited... 

To collaborate with Not For Sale and take immediate action to create a future free of human trafficking. 

This summer, enact a cultural shift in the Asia Pacific that will protect the freedom of everyone in this vast region.  

Victory Malate,
Manila, Philippines

 July 19-20, 2012  

Speakers include David Batstone, President and Co-founder of Not For Sale, Eddie Byun, Lead Pastor of Onnuri English Ministry in Korea, and many more global leaders. 

There are real solutions to this real problem. You can be part of the solution.


By YWAM Mercy

YWAM Ships - 1590 miles to go

Find out more.

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Ray Bakke Podcasts

 Greetings from San Francisco.

We just want to inform you that we have uploaded some podcasts of Ray Bakke the author of “The Urban Christian” and “A Theology as Big as the City” to our website. These audio files were recorded at our last YWAM North American cities conference in Vancouver Canada.

Ray Bakke is a gifted teacher, author and leader in the area of urban ministry. As Founder of International Urban Associates, he animated a network of more than 100 urban churches and missions leaders in many of the world's largest cities. He holds a Diploma from Moody Bible Institute, a B.A. from Seattle Pacific College, a M.Div. from Trinity International University, and a D.Min. from McCormick Theological Seminary.

Whenever I listen to Ray Bakke there are three things that happen to me. First of all I get a deeper desire to study God's word. Secondly I have a deeper thirst to understand church history. And thirdly I want to know how to take this knowledge and apply it in my local city setting. Ray Bakke has been called the “guru” of urban studies and many of us who are trying to take our ministries deeper into the life of the cities have been inspired and motivated by him.

Check out these podcasts! They have been life changing for many of us. They are located at and while you visit our website check out the upcoming Disaster Management and Urban Health Care Program we are launching in July 2010. If your looking for a good Discipleship Training School to come to or recommend someone to check out our DTS section or if your thinking of bringing a team to San Francisco go to our Missions Adventures page.

Tim Svoboda

YWAM San Francisco and Bay Area Coordinator

By YWAM Mercy

Global Forum on Human Trafficking

Global Forum on Human Trafficking. For more information:

By YWAM Mercy

Fast for Freedom

Download the attached Fast for Freedom Prayer Guide from Not for Sale:

"This Fast For Freedom Guide combines the spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture, and fasting. But this guide is not a static document. Its intent is to help the mind, heart, and spirit combine with smart activism. We hope that each day these spiritual disciplines will be the catalyst for action as you live out true freedom in your community and bring freedom to others. Don't forget to look at the action guide in the back to learn how you can be an agent of change."

Download Fast for Freedom Prayer Guide.

By YWAM Mercy

YWAM Jubilee Celebrations - Chiang Mai

Day 1

The horns, drums and dancers of host YWAM Northern Thailand welcomed this crowd of 7-800 people from 50 + nations to YWAM's 50th celebration in Chiang Mai. The procession continued with Loren and Darlene dressed in Lanna Thai style clothing, brought in on elevated chairs carried in on the shoulders by 6 Thai leaders each  --  and followed by YWAMers also dressed in Lanna Thai style clothing who had been in the Mission 30 years or more. 

Dances and dancers from every region of Thailand as well as from the region showed the beauty, the hospitality and the culture of Indo-China. Worship flowed freely from YWAM staff, students and friends from the nations to the God of all nations and all peoples. Loren and Darlene and all who have gone before in YWAM were thanked and were objects of thanks to God.

Loren spoke that this is not just a celebration of the past but this is a time of worship to where God is leading us in the future, into every sector of society. This is a time of fulfilling the Great Commission through the Great Commandment. This is the generation that God is going to use every technology to see the Gospel go to every unreached people. Loren spoke there is unprecedented unity with leaders in the Body of Christ is at all time high.  The prayer movement is starting to cover the earth with worship, with prayers,  with intercession and spiritual warfare. It really is possible to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. 

This was just the first night...


Day 2 

The day started with Dar sharing on gratitude for those who have gone before us. Those we were standing on the shoulders of as we have served God. We had just heard a few hours before that our first YWAMer from Switzerland, Rudy Lack, had just died.  As she shared all of this with our Asian staff, to people present from 48 nations, the session was being translated into five languages.  She asked for those who had been personally impacted by Rudy’s life to stand and many of the leaders who had pioneered the region stood up.  Several shared that Rudy was one of the first people who had told them about YWAM.  We thanked God for Rudy and prayed for Eliane.

It was wonderful for our Asian staff to hear YWAM history from our founders and the impact will be multiplied. We then prayed with each other about those who have influenced our lives and how their lives live on through us and our varied ministries. It was a sober, yet powerful morning where the presence of God was so real.

In the afternoon Incredible reports by video and by story were shared from countries in the region about what God was doing and about the amazing amount of growth that is taking place.  Asian staff and student numbers have increased rapidly over the last few years. Please see some of th ose reports at the YWAM 50th, YWAMconnect, YWAM Thailand and YWAM Mercy websites. There is momentum occurring that happening all through Asia. God is indeed up to something globally and locally.  

In the Evening  -- Loren shared on how to transform nations from his book, “The Book That Transforms Nations” with examples from Korea and the region. He, then shared about the timeline of YWAM history and what has happened highlighting the need for a Bible in every home globally. It was a full day, rich in worship and fellowship, tears and prayer for those who have lost in Switzerland and Haiti.


Day 3 

Multi-lingual worship and the beautiful Performing Arts dances have been powerful in Chiang Mai -  There have been comments like -
"there is nothing like a group singing simultaneously in English, Chinese, and Thai, along with Khmer, Portuguese and a dozen other languages. "

Darlene continued with how God has taught us His ways over the years. She reminded us of the loss of the ship, "The Maori" in New Zealand, the impact upon our international leaders in humbling in Japan, the repentance tour to pastors and leaders in New Zealand and the year of the Cross. It was a powerful reminder as Tom Hallas shared about the situation in the news for the past few days on Toyota, their recall of vehicles and their lack of transparency.  

Darlene also spoke about the spirit of generosity that we are called to and reminded us that in the midst of such humbling of our loss of a ship, God gave resurrection. She talked about our conference in Eagle River, Wisconsin and the outrageous generosity and monies being given to Operation Mobilization for their purchase of a ship.  Darlene's last session was a wonderful reminder of who Jesus is and how He has modeled every aspect of life for us.   The conference finished with the signing of the Jubliee Covenant and remembering Jesus and all He has done for us through taking communion together.

We had a celebration in Chiang Mai

- G Stephen Goode


By YWAM Mercy

News from Cambodia

Literacy amongst the Kravet -- in Stung Treng Province -- YWAM Cambodia is providing key connections from adult literacy facilitators for the Kravet people. This is a remote group that is only accessible during the dry season. People who have the skills and resources are able to transfer those to this little known people group in Cambodia.

Malaria Incidence is down in Siempang District -- YWAM Cambodia's malaria program and providing dipped mosquito nets for every family are seeing great results in Siempang district in Stung Treng Province. This has been historically a high place of malaria in the country and thus there were many deaths caused by malaria but YWAM Cambodia's anti-malarial program is showing high impact with only half the level of incidents as in the rest of the Stung Treng province.

Maternal Deaths are down as training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) goes up -- In 2009 - the maternal death rates are half the national maternal death rates in remote regions where YWAM Cambodia trains TBAs. To date, more than 500 TBAs have been trained by YWAM in Stung Treng province that is providing significant impact on the well being of mothers and families. Due to the remoteness and poverty of Siempang, this should be higher than the national rate, so this good news indeed.

Annual Conference -- This is the time of the annual conference in Stung Treng where local and regional speakers come and give input which is so encouraging. Several hundred people are able to attend meetings where they are taught on literacy, small group interaction, raising of fish, eel and frogs and having more protein in their diet as well as some integrated farming. As these are people from remote areas of the northeast of Cambodia -- this is one of the only times of the year for them to meet all together.

By YWAM Mercy
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