The Not Forgotten Conference

Dean Sherman says, "The Church should suspend all other activities and just care for the people in trouble worldwide. Everything else we have a vision for would come out of that."   The current refugee crisis presents a great mission opportunity for YWAM to touch the least, the last and the lost.

One focus in The Not Forgotten Conference," is engaging refugee peoples.  Mel G. from West Asia will be sharing about transforming refugee communities with the love and truth of Christ.  Read more about the conference here.  

YWAM Orlando, YWAM Sarasota, YWAM Tampa, and YWAM Jacksonville invite you to come and explore how we can catch this wave to the refugee world.

    Location:  YWAM Orlando

    Dates:       February 29 - March 3, 2016

    Cost:         $175 covers airport pickup, registration, food and lodging





By YWAM Mercy

Preschool in a suitcase teachers training workshop

Do you have a heart for children?

Join Rite Mayers & team for the Preschool in a suitcase training workshop
Sunday 12th to Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Bi-lingual English/Spanish

Purpose: This workshop is to put tools in the hands of preschool teachers, parents and those with a heart for working with children. Our desire is for you to use the training handbook that you receive, to train your own workers and utilise the biblical curriculum to provide a biblical foundation in children’s lives.

Pioneering: Our hope is that preschools will be started all around the world. You don't have to be experts or even trained teachers, you need a heart for God and for the children he loves. This workshop will inspire you and equip you to get started.

Preschool training: This 8 day workshop utilises a teacher's training handbook that focuses on four areas: the teacher, the child, the environment and the curriculum. Through interactive, sensorial and creative modelling of a learning environment, we trust this will equip you for your own future workshops and preschools.

Prayer: That these materials will provide basic principles to enable educated and uneducated people to make a lasting impact on this next generation of children.

For more information, please visit the training website.

By YWAM Mercy

Hope International School Cambodia Staff Vacancies

We would like to share with you that Hope International School, Cambodia, with campuses in Phnom Penh (North and South), Siem Reap and Battambang (from August 2015), is recruiting staff for the following available positions, for August 2015:

Phnom Penh Campus

  • High School Spanish Teacher
  • High School Physical Education Teacher
  • High School Math Teacher
  • High School Careers Counselor (part time)
  • Primary Teacher (Grade 4/5, South campus)
  • Personal Assistant to the Director (position available from May 2015) 

Battambang Campus (new)

  • Primary/Kindergarten Teacher

May we ask you to join in prayer for God to bring the right teachers and administrators to Hope? Thank you!

The full description of the posts above can be viewed at

By YWAM Mercy

Bring Your Eyes and See

Order at YWAM Publishing
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By YWAM Mercy

Read and Pray!

By YWAM Mercy

Call2Compassion and Justice Conference

Durban, South Africa. 11th - 15th May 2015.

Join us at Call2Compassion and Justice, Durban. Hear what God is doing in southern Africa over five jam-packed days of teaching, worship and workshops. You’ll get to explore models of community empowerment presented by mature and inspirational ministries.

Whether you’re already working with churches and ministries reaching out to the poor, or just sensing God’s call to begin such work, we invite you to join us.

Find Out More:
Book Online:

By YWAM Mercy

Nurses & Support Workers Needed for Home of the Open Heart Hospice

Home of the Open Heart has recently opened a hospice aiming to accept HIV+ patients who have a life limiting illness that requires 24 hour care and do not have the money, or family, to care for them.

The hospice also hopes to be able to offer respite care for periods of 2 weeks at a time for patients who fulfil the above criteria and have limited family support.

They are needing 5 full-time equivalent nurses and 5 full-time equivalent non-clinical support workers. For more information please see their volunteer needs on their website.

By YWAM Mercy

Empowering the poor through community development

Domestic violence is an issue faced by many families so YWAM together with the People's Committee of Van Con commune held some training to raise awareness in the community on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence. 

We emphasised the importance of clear family communication, especially considering many Vietnamese households have more than one generation living together. 

Attendees, women and men of different ages, were able to learn about, causes of domestic violence and good strategies to build healthy family relationships...

Read complete newsletter here...

By YWAM Mercy

Volunteer at Home of the Open Heart

There is an estimated 580,000 people living with HIV in Thailand. Of those, an estimated 16,000 are under 14 years of age (UNAIDS). Chiang Rai, one of the provinces worst hit by the AIDS pandemic, had no home for HIV positive babies. Project L.I.F.E. stepped in to meet death with life and hope – and Home of the Open Heart began in 1999. 

It’s purpose is multifaceted: To give HIV positive babies who cannot be cared for by relatives, a loving safe home. To offer self-contained cottages for HIV+ mums to live independently with their baby/young children. To offer hospice or respite care to women and children in their final stages of life. To visit families affected by HIV/AIDS in the community and offer income generation opportunities.

Each HIV+ child and woman, is cared for by the staff at Home of the Open Heart for as long as they live. It’s a commitment from the heart, one that brings lots of tears, lots of sleepless nights nursing them back to health, and lots of joy. Oh, to see the babies who came in dying who are now laughing, playing, going to school, just being ordinary children. That’s what L.I.F.E. is about.

Home of the Open Heart is needing more staff and volunteers. Find out more info at:

By YWAM Mercy

Seeking to fulfil the Great Commission

Thanks for your heart of compassion, justice and self-sacrificing love like that of our model, Jesus Christ.

Call2All is about fulfilling the Great Commission, through the Great Commandment and the Discipling of Nations through every sector of society in our generation. Call2All is about collaboration and partnership, it is about servanthood, it is about an intentional focus upon those who have yet to taste and see the goodness of God once in their lives. Most of these would be unreached, the poorest, the ones living in the most challenging places on earth.

Call2All is about looking at models and examples that are working like the city of Mumbai, India. There are several thousand churches that are reaching out to their neighbor, engaging with the major themes of the city like human trafficking, children at risk, housing and economic development through integral mission. There is much to be learned from our brothers and sisters in Mumbai as we convene in city of global influence.

There are also wonderful models of self-sacrificing love from around the world that will also be reflected upon to see how we can grow and multiply in our combined efforts. We sense that the Holy Spirit is already doing many things in Mumbai and that these are going to be days where God meets with us in a variety of practical ways. Come, bring your gifts, your skills and those things God has placed upon your heart to impart.  We really want to focus upon Jesus and how he engaged with the poor, needy, outcasts of his day through a new model of love and compassion.

Thanks for registering as it will a limited group of people.

My name is Steve Goode, Ambassador for YWAM Mercy, Compassion and Justice living in Bangkok, Thailand as well as on the steering group for Call2All. I have never been more encouraged that the Great Commission through the Great Commandment and the Discipling of Nations can be completed in our lifetime. Come and join us in the historic event.

God bless, 

By YWAM Mercy
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