Call2Compassion and Justice

Durban, South Africa. 11th - 15th May 2015.

Join us at Call2Compassion and Justice, Durban. Hear what God is doing in southern Africa over five jam-packed days of teaching, worship and workshops. You’ll get to explore models of community empowerment presented by mature and inspirational ministries.

Whether you’re already working with churches and ministries reaching out to the poor, or just sensing God’s call to begin such work, we invite you to join us.

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Community Development Seminar

Upcoming Seminar: 11th May – 19th June 2015 

Many of our communities have been neglected and left to deteriorate for years. Sadly, the church of Jesus Christ has at best sat back and watched this happen. In many areas, it has even contributed to the problem. New generations of Christians are faced with a question about how they will respond to the predicaments of the poor and under-resourced communities today. The desperate conditions that face the poor and the needy call for a revolution in the church’s and missional communities approach to the problem including Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Through years of experience among the poor across the globe, many have come to see that these desperate problems cannot be solved without the strong commitment and risky actions on the part of ordinary Christians with heroic faith.

There have been many attempts by “outsiders” to alleviate the problems, but most have fallen short of lasting change. Rather, the most creative long-term solutions to the problems of the poor are coming from grassroots and local church-based efforts as small as they may be. The solutions are coming from people who see themselves as the replacements, the agents, for Jesus here on earth, in their own neighborhoods and communities.

The time is now for the nations of Africa to unite. God has a destiny for this continent. How do nations move from despair to hope? This Community Development Seminar, which is not a concept that was developed in a classroom, nor formulated by people foreign to the poor community. These are Biblical and practical principles from people evolved from years of living and working among the poor and first hand experiences.

Celebrating Children Workshop

The purpose of the Celebrating Children Workshop is simple: we want children to flourish in every part of the world.
We know you feel the same way and that’s why we need people like you. People who are passionate about children experiencing the fullness of life and seeing God’s intentions realized in their day-to-day realities. This is why the CCW is coming to Portland.
The curriculum of the CCW is cross-culturally relevant and adaptable and the CCW–PDX will train international facilitators right here in Portland to intentionally take this training to caregivers around the world and and multiply it over and over. The training focuses on how to teach topics with cultural relevance and sensitivity. The CCW-PDX will be an enhanced version with training in art/trauma therapy, teaching with translation, cross-cultural surprises and teaching without technology.
Loom staff have taught the Celebrating Children Workshop in Bangladesh, Rwanda, South Africa, Mexico and Romania and we want it to go further. When a participant completes all 4 weeks of the Celebrating Children Workshop, they will be equipped to do just that. They will receive a DVD with the complete curriculum—8 Modules—Teacher’s Notes, Student Notebook and Power-points.
Come and be a part of a unique opportunity to both receive training and learn how to multiply it in an international context. Come sit around the table and discuss and brainstorm and learn together with us about how we can bring hope to the lives of the vulnerable.

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