Celebrating Children Workshop

The purpose of the Celebrating Children Workshop is simple: we want children to flourish in every part of the world.
We know you feel the same way and that’s why we need people like you. People who are passionate about children experiencing the fullness of life and seeing God’s intentions realized in their day-to-day realities. This is why the CCW is coming to Portland.
The curriculum of the CCW is cross-culturally relevant and adaptable and the CCW–PDX will train international facilitators right here in Portland to intentionally take this training to caregivers around the world and and multiply it over and over. The training focuses on how to teach topics with cultural relevance and sensitivity. The CCW-PDX will be an enhanced version with training in art/trauma therapy, teaching with translation, cross-cultural surprises and teaching without technology.
Loom staff have taught the Celebrating Children Workshop in Bangladesh, Rwanda, South Africa, Mexico and Romania and we want it to go further. When a participant completes all 4 weeks of the Celebrating Children Workshop, they will be equipped to do just that. They will receive a DVD with the complete curriculum—8 Modules—Teacher’s Notes, Student Notebook and Power-points.
Come and be a part of a unique opportunity to both receive training and learn how to multiply it in an international context. Come sit around the table and discuss and brainstorm and learn together with us about how we can bring hope to the lives of the vulnerable.

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